Rewards Programs

Rewards Programs are a simple and easy way to support SMILE.

Kroger Community Rewards

SMILE has Partnered with Kroger Community Rewards. You can support SMILE simply by linking your Kroger Rewards Card (or phone if you don't use a card). Each time you make a qualifying purchase at Kroger using your card, a portion of the sale will be donated to SMILE at no cost to you.


Step 1:

Click here to go to Kroger Community Rewards.


Step 2:

Click: "View Your Rewards Details." (You may need to sign into your account.)


Step 3: Under the Community Rewards Section Click Edit (If SMILE is not already your Organization).


Step 4:

Type "Samantha Makes It a Little Easier" in the search Bar


Step 5:

Select the Button Next to SMILE

Then Click "Enroll."