About Us

SMILE, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was created in memory of Samantha Trost. During Samantha’s brief lifetime she contributed to numerous childhood charities and nonprofit organizations. She touched the lives of many young individuals while living and one of her dying wishes was to ensure other children with life-threatening conditions could receive the much-needed goods and services that would enhance their quality of life.  Click to learn more about Sam's Story.


SMILE's mission is to enhance the lives of children impacted by a life-threatening condition through education, encouragement, and empowerment.

SMILE Kids Program

Through our flagship program, the SMILE Kids Program, we provide children impacted by a life-threatening condition with assistive and adaptive equipment that is cost prohibitive but will enhance their quality of life, making life a little easier. 


Each SMILE Kid's request is unique to their individual needs.  Learn more on our SMILE Kids Program and how to refer a SMILE Kid.